Before you leave a girl crying
Imagine all the things she's done for you
All the feelings she's had to put aside
Just to keep fighting for you

Don't regret something that once make you

Everything in life changes you in some way
Even the smallest thing
If you do not accept these changes
You do not accept yourself
For through these changes
Bring new and greater things to you
Making you wiser as time progresses
To avoid these changes is a loss
You only live your life once
Do not waste a minute of it avoiding things
Let them come to you and learn from them

Im Glad
Cuz I Still Got Some
Memory To Remember
When Im With You
Even We're Not Together Anymore

I Think Im in LOVE with YOU
my pinkberry:)

I Just Need Somebody To LOVE
p/s: maybe a cat perhaps

Girl ; Sayang, i want this!
Boy ; Anything for you sayang

Aww. I love you lah!

Miss him.


I dont care what people gonna say bout me
I dont care what they want to do
I dont care if they want to hurt me

But i always kept remember in myself
I still have my family
who always behind me
no matter what
and pray to God
Its all will be ok

Hey my MR.Right!

Where are you?

I've been waitin u for so long

Some of his words that melts her...

‎​*"Wherever you go, whatever you do, you know I sayanggggg you ... from my heart I really do. I will,, always. Whatever it takes, whatever's at stake,

*To be with you is a beautiful dream. If it doesn't come true, I'll still be quite happy. At least I have a dream..An eternity is forever, and forever with you would be a dream come true.

Xoxo. I love you.

Jangan terlalu menyayangi seseorang
Kelak kita akan membencinya
Jangan terlalu membenci seseorang
Kelak kita akan menyayanginya

Relationships are like glass.
Sometimes it's better to leave them broken
than try to hurt yourself putting it back together

Cinta Dan Keinginan untuk memiliki
itu berbeza

Walking all alone by meslf
I felt so jealous
Saw two people holding hands together
Looking so sweet together
Like nothing will separate them
Im waiting till that moment
The moment where the RIGHT guy
Holding my hands
With the true of love between us
Andwe'll be happily ever after

Michael Bublé

Love his song
Love his style
Love his everything
My Mr.Right

Alyssa bernal & Mia rose

Already a recorded album artist

I knew them before they became an artist

First time i saw them in youtube is about 3 yeaars ago

They is my favourite

They pretty, good voice n play a guitar

They just like an idol to me for my favouritre music



yesterday, i realize that i got symptoms of anemia.

Love story??

I have no love story for now..
For me, my love is only for my family
No one else for now.
Im Happy For that realizing that family is more than everything
They always behind us whenever we sad or happy
Im glad to have a family that also my best friend, boyfriend ,and girlfriend to me

Hey mr.right....

I may not have found you yet
But if i found you
You wil always be mine.

Breakfast for today

June 6th

Not actually a breakfast but a lunch. Its already 2 pm
Jemput makan semua.



First time i heard bout this building, i was like pehh!!
Is this real? Are you crazy? My god. Its impossible!!!
Well, its just a common word everytime people cannot believe on something
After doing some research, now i realize
This building is hell REAL!
I love the idea made by the architect.It was a crazy and brilliant idea ever
It was a world first motion building
have 80 storey
It will spin 360' around and the spining floor
Can you imagine that?
The designer ; David Fisher

Suddenly i miss to sketch on sketch book

Have you ever imagine with that blank pieces of paper
It can create a fabolous, fantastic
and brilliant idea !
It just seems like

My Mr Right

This guy up here

Is the guy of my dream



im crazy addicted to it right now.

Everytime whenever i sign in on facebook definitely i click to a cafe world FIRST!

im lovin' it!