Don't forget
to thank God today
because He didn't forget
to wake up you today.

Sometimes I wish
I could just Dissapear
Dissapear from this world
And see who will
Miss me
Look for me
Do nothing

For now, let's not make no big decisions
Let's just ride this wave for a little while
We've got time, and we're bound to have collisions
Let's not worry about it; not right now

Cause I'm here with your love always
And I'm gonna keep it safe in my own hands...

we'll be soaking up the sun
I'm in it for the long run, you and me together
whispering in my ear, saying that you'll be right here
Tell me again and again cause
I'll never get tired of hearing it's forever

This took time, and we've been scared and stupid along the way
But our love is getting stronger and stronger everyday
And I'm here with my love always
And you're my shelter when the rain comes down!

I don't care what the people say, they don't know anyway.
It's just me and you, there's only room for two.
There's only room for two.

Forever love